Purified Alkaline88 Water with Electrolytes and Minerals 24-Pack




Alkaline88 Water with Electrolytes and Minerals 24-Pack
Purified Water by Alkaline88 was designed to be a key ingredient to add value to your healthy lifestyle. This premier water is infused with electrolytes, minerals and trace elements and is made in a unique way providing you with health benefits as clear as the water itself. The Alkaline Water Company Inc.’s advanced proprietary electrolysis process also enhances its product with Himalayan salt, producing a high alkalinity water of 8.8+pH that cannot be duplicated. Stay fit and give your body the hydration it craves with each refreshing, smooth-tasting sip.

  • Healthful Hydration
  • Water and Himalayan rock salt
  • Clear PET, BPA-free recyclable plastic bottle
  • Well-made and well-packaged for whenever you need it

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